St-Nicholas St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church

2513 W 4th. Street
Chester, PA 19013

Theotokos of Vladimir
English Version
    Храни Вас Господь! Святителю отче Николае Моли Бога о Нас. Russian Version

Храни Вас Господь!

Resurrection of Christ

Если ты хочешь помочь Церкви, то старайся лучше исправить себя самого, а не других. Если ты исправишь себя самого, то сразу же исправится частичка Церкви.

Паисий Святогорец


Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church

Chester, Pennsylvania





Dear Church Family: As you know, the physical plant of our church needs attention. It has been several years since anything has been done. There will be a considerable amount cost to affect the repairs and restoration listed below. 

We call on our Parish Family to help raise the necessary funds.

  • The new floor of the Hall under the church has been has been completed.  There remains to finish the surface with carpet, paint or tile.
  • We have a major project to work on, and that is to replace the old, inefficient and costly heating system for the building.  The system is not only outdated, but very costly to operate.... due to the high cost of petrol fuel. It is hoped that enough funds can be raised to install a Forced Air Heating and Cooling System   We pray that the installation of the new system can begin this summer (2009.) The estimated cost is $5.000.00.  With out volunteer help the cost would be much higher.
  • The Three Cupola on our church is in desperate need to be repaired.  An estimate for this work has not yet been received. 

Our Little Church is weatlhty spirituality but not so much so materially so we will call upon everyone, members and friends to help restore the glory of  of God and Orthodoxy our beloved Church Building, and as an affirmation our Faith and Love for  our Holy  Russian Orthodox Faith.


Updates will be posted here.  If you have a question regarding this or wish to contribute, please contact our Pastor Father Alexey, or the attendant at the candle desk.


Should you require additional services Molebin, Panahida, Baptism, Marriage or Funeral please see Father or the person at the Candle/Sales Desk at the rear of the church.


God Bless You All!


Number: (267) 242-7400

Number: (267) 991-5676




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